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Foundations of Andean State Formation

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  • Reception follows in Brooks Hall Commons 

Complex political entities that most observers would call a “state” developed in the Central Andes by at least the beginning of the first millennium AD.  For at least two millennia prior to state emergence, complex polities waxed and waned across the many cultural landscapes in this vast region.  This talk outlines the archaeological evidence for the emergence of state societies in this region.  The “ritualized” economies of the Andean Formative created the social organizational templates for the establishment of state societies.  In particular, I will look at the origin and elaboration of the sunken court complex from the mid 2nd millennium BCE up to the great states of Wari and Tiwanaku.  This architectural tradition was the material manifestation of new forms of social organization that fostered cooperative economic relationships that ultimately were transformed into the state societies of the first millennium AD.




Event Date: 
Friday, 9 October 2015 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Charles Stanish
Speaker Title: 
Professor of Anthropology, Director Costen Institute UCLA, Costen Institute of Archaeology