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Emeriti Faculty

Carrie Douglass

Professor, Emerita

Cultural anthropology; symbolic anthropology; Spain; the Mediterranean; European anthropology; ritual cycles; demography; reproduction; gender; marriage and the family; medical anthropology; transnational kinship; nationalism and ethnicity; art in small-scale cultures; animals (Good to Think).

Jeffrey L. Hantman

Professor, Emeritus

Eastern Woodland and Southwestern archaeology; ethnohistory; colonialism; regional systems; archaeological method and theory; indigenous archaeology; archaeology and communities.

Charles R. Kaut

Professor, Emeritus

Susan McKinnon

Professor, Emerita

Cultural anthropology; gender, kinship; hierarchy, exchange; science studies; Indonesia, the United States.

Peter Metcalf

Professor, Emeritus

Southeast Asia, especially Borneo; anthropological approaches to comparative religion; relations between power, community and ideology.

Marion Ross

Lecturer, Emerita

Vietnamese social interaction, traditional Vietnamese culture and society, Vietnamese literature. Teaching English as a second or foreign language.

J. David Sapir

Professor, Emeritus

West African language, lexicography, translation, folklore and symbolism; the nature of symbolism; the history and practice of still photography.

H. L. Seneviratne

Professor, Emeritus

Religion and politics, socialism, classical social theory, human rights, democracy and free market economy, ethno-nationalism, cinema, art and popular culture.