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Adriana Greci Green

Curator of Indigenous Art of the Americas, Fralin Art Museum


North American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Ethnohistory, Material Culture Studies, Museum Anthropology.  Native American art histories, emphasis on Plains and Great Lakes arts, material culture and cultural performances; 18th, 19th and 20th c. American Indian histories; federal Indian policy; cultural and material expressions of sovereignty and treaties; representation of Native Americans in museums, popular culture and media; issues of collecting and repatriation; economic significance of women’s work; indigenous aesthetic systems, epistemologies and materialities.  http://indigenousarts.as.virginia.edu/

Affiliated Anthropologists & Faculty

Roberto Armengol
Ford Postdoctoral Fellow
Caren Freeman
International Student & Scholar Advisor; Director of Studies at Hereford Residential College
Adriana Greci Green
Curator of Indigenous Art of the Americas, Fralin Art Museum
Jerome Handler
Senior Scholar, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Diane M. Hoffman
Associate Professor, Curry School of Education
Peter E. Hook
Professor Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Michelle Kisliuk
Associate Professor, McIntire Department of Music
Catarina Krizancic
Coordinator for Independent Projects and Associate Director for Program Design, International Studies Office
Ekaterina V. Makarova
Lecturer, Department of Sociology
R. Lawrence Merkel
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatric Medicine
Vanessa L. Ochs
Director of Jewish Studies, Department of Religions Studies
M. Norman Oliver
Lisa Toccafondi Shutt
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Carter G. Woodson Institute for African American and African Studies
Matthew Trevett-Smith
Assistant Director & Assistant Professor, Teaching Resource Center