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Sue Ann McCarty

B.A. Bryn Mawr College 1995

P.O. Box 400120

My dissertation research focuses on inter-household social organization at the Kazane Höyük excavations, directed by Prof. Patricia Wattenmaker. Outside modern Sanliurfa, Turkey, Kazane is home to one of the world's largest known settlements belonging to the Halaf cultural horizon (5200-4500 BCE uncalibrated, 5900-5350 cal. B.C.E.). The Halaf flourished in Southeastern Turkey, Northeastern Syria and Northern Iraq during the transitional Late Neolithic/Early Chalcolithic periods. Compared to other periods, little is known about this important intermediate phase after the development of agriculture, animal domestication and sedentary village life in the Neolithic but before the growth of urban, socially stratified state society. Further, the evidence at most Halaf sites for internal social differentiation is enigmatic at best. Using data from my 2004 excavations in Kazane's outer town, my dissertation aims to investigate inter-household artifact and architectural variability for signs of distinct social groupings, especially ranked or unranked social differentiation.

I have also worked at archaeological projects in Maryland, Pingasagruk and Ukkuqsi on Alaska's North Slope in the Arctic, and at Umm el-Marra in Syria. I've been doing fieldwork in Turkey since 1997 and I lived there for almost 2½ years (2003-05) to obtain my dissertation data.


Anth 374: East/West: Turkish Culture
Anth 395: Archaeology of Gender
Anth 396: Archaeologies of the Silk Road

I have also worked as a T.A. for Everyday Life in America, Ecology and Society, and Rise of Civilizations.


Near Eastern archaeology (esp. the Halaf cultural horizon); sociopolitical organization and inequality; non-state societies; political economy; Orientalism and nationalism in archaeology; faunal analysis; ceramic analysis; Southeast Turkey/Northern Mesopotamia.