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Yu-Chien Huang

Fieldwork Completed

M. A. University of Virginia
M.A. National Taiwan University
B.A.  National Taiwan University

P.O. Box 400120

My current dissertation project investigates the complex relations among land, gender, traditional hierarchy, and state bureaucracy in Yap (Wa’ab), Federated States of Micronesia. I aim to analyze an international tourist development project in Yap, which has provoked local cleavage along the lines of gender, race, states and cultures. In this project, I hope to unravel the gendered subjectivities encompassed in local hierarchy. I am also interested in exploring the epistemic confrontations between the Yapese and foreign tourist developers, as well as the contemporary dilemmas between the modern state and chiefly powers.


Kinship, hierarchy, gender, exchange and personhood; Yap, Micronesia, Taiwan (Formosan Austronesians)