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The MA Degree Program

An MA degree in Anthropology from the University of Virginia requires 24 credit hours of course work, and 6 credit hours of “non-topical” or thesis research. Most graduate courses run for a single semester and count for 3 credit hours. Full-time graduate students generally take three or four courses a semester. The MA can thus be completed within one year. Graduate courses from other institutions cannot be transferred for credit towards the University of Virginia MA degree.

MA students are asked to take the first two commons courses, and two of the subfield distribution requirements. See the descriptions under the PhD Degree Program. MA students must also demonstrate “Competency” in one foreign language.

In addition to coursework requirements, students in the MA track must complete one of the following:

  • an MA thesis, which will be evaluated by the two faculty members of the student’s graduate committee and defended by late April.
  • two Critical Reading Essays, which will be evaluated by the two faculty members of the students graduate committee, as in the PhD track.

It is expected that students in the MA track will have completed all coursework and other requirements for their degrees by the end of their second year.