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Linguistic Anthropology Seminar

The Linguistic Anthropology Seminar is an informal, interdisciplinary venue for presentations of work by faculty, students, and visiting scholars in linguistic anthropology, linguistics, and related fields.

Current Seminar Schedule

Seminars are usually held on Friday afternoons in the Second Floor Conference Room of Brooks Hall. Note that this room is up a long flight of stairs. If you would like to come but would find the stairs prohibitive, please contact the organizer so that alternative arrangements can be made.

To volunteer a talk or propose a discussion topic, contact Lise Dobrin.

Monday, September 4, 6:30 pm (Brooks Hall Commons)

Lise Dobrin and Ida Hoequist, University of Virginia

Grace East, University of Virginia

Welcome back! The first seminar of the new year will feature two summer field trip reports:

Ida Hoequist and Lise Dobrin will present on their 5-week visit to Arapesh country in Papua New Guinea, where amazing language phenomena were observed, fascinating storytelling events were recorded, and numerous kin relations were deepened and acquired.

Grace East will present on her time in Nima, a small zongo, or "stranger's quarter" (immigrant neighborhood) in Accra, with predominantly Muslim, Hausa-speaking Ghanaians and immigrants from across the region.