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Brooks Hall Hosts Language Archiving Workshop

Friday, 30 March 2012

— from Lise Dobrin

Although digital archives are doing their best to ensure that members of source communities can ultimately gain access to the materials produced in language documentation projects, it can be a challenge to involve them in the ongoing curation of those materials, especially when they reside in less-networked communities. On March 26 and 27 the Department of Anthropology hosted a small NEH-sponsored workshop that brought together scholars, technical experts, and community members to think critically about use of technology in language preservation and to explore ways of involving source communities in language archiving. Using the situations of rural Papua New Guinea and Cameroon as models, participants discussed possible bridging technologies to help scholars and archives maintain direct, ongoing relationships with all stakeholders in language documentation work. Participants included Project Director Lise Dobrin, Worthy Martin and Daniel Pitti of IATHDavid Germano and visitors from London, California, New York, Cameroon, and Papua New Guinea.