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Roberto Armengol Named Best Graduate Student Instructor 2012-13

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

— from Eve Danziger

Congratulations to Roberto Armengol for winning the 2011-12 Department of Anthropology award for Best Graduate Student Instructor.

The Best Graduate Student Instructor Award is given to the post-field graduate student who most exemplifies what it means to teach anthropology. A few of the key criteria most important to this year's judges include the candidate's attention to explaining and promoting anthropology's role within the global scheme of the Academy, and also making it relevant and insightful to students' everyday experiences. Also important was the candidate's ability to frame courses in a way that--through assignments, classroom activities, and overall organization of themes--is pedagogically creative and mindful of students' abilities to actively contribute to intellectual dialogue. The judges were pleased to see all candidates approach the teaching of anthropology with a level of professionalism, but also intellectual thoughtfulness, that makes them all worthy of praise.

Indeed, all applicants showed an impressive measure of the above virtues and all deserve our admiration and respect.