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Award for Best Teaching Assistant in Anthropology Goes to David Flood

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

— from Eve Danziger

Congratulations to David Flood, who has won the Anthropology graduate student award for Best Teaching Assistant in Anthropology for 2011-12.

The applicants for this award all submitted excellent evaluations and insightful statements of teaching philosophy, thus making the decision a very difficult one for the judges.

David earned the win based on his teaching evaluations and statement of teaching philosophy.  From the comments, it is clear that students not only learned a lot about the history of anthropology from David, but also felt comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed participating in his class.  One student even felt the urge to describe Mr. Flood as an “AWESOME DUDE” - in all-caps! Most importantly, students appreciated his ability to make theory easier to comprehend, an ability which one student characterizes as “explaining difficult concepts in more understandable language.”