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Summer 2007

Friday, June 8, 12-2pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Discussion of Piraha Grammar, Design Features of Language, and the Dan Everett Controversy.

Suggested Readings

Everett, Daniel L. 2005. "Cultural Constraints on Grammar and Cognition in Piraha: Another Look at the Design Features of Human Language." Current Anthropology 46(4):621-646. (including commentary and author's response)

Bambini, Valentina, Claudio Gentili, and Pietro Pietrini. 2006. "Discussion: On Cultural Constraints on Piraha Grammar." Current Anthropology 47(1):143-145

New Yorker Essay (.pdf, 124KB)

Further Readings of Possible Interest

Nevins, Andrew, David Pesetsky, and Cilene Rodrigues. 2007. "Piraha Exceptionality: A Reassessment." 

Everett, Daniel L. 2007. "Cultural Constraints on Grammar in Piraha: A Reply to Nevins, Pesetsky, and Rodrigues (2007)." 

Stanlaw, James. 2006.  "Dan Everett Cries Whorf." Anthropology News April, 2006: 17.

Discussion on Linguist List

Dan Everett's Home Page


Friday, June 29, 12-2pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Peter Hook

"Why Rhyme? Basic word order, information peak, and the use of rhyme in traditional prosodies."

(A pre-presentation of a paper to be given at the annual conference of the Japan Society of Linguistic Sciences in July.)

Suggested Readings

ABSTRACT: "Basic word order, information peak, and the use of rhyme in traditional prosodies"

Suggested Links

 "Adaptations of Japanese Language to Rap"

"Rock Rhymes in Japanese Hip-Hop Rhymes"

Donegan & Stampe, "Rhythm & Synthetic Drift of Munda"


Friday, July 6, 12-2pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Lise Dobrin & Ellen Contini-Morava

"Discussion of Greville Corbett's Agreement."

Suggested Readings

Corbett, Greville. 2006. Agreement. Oxford University Press. (On reserve for Linguistic Anthropology Seminar at Clemons Library, 4th floor circulation desk.)

Also of possible interest: Corbett, Greville. 2001. "Agreement: Canonical Instances and the Extent of the Phenomenon."