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Fall 2006

Friday, September 1,11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Linguistic Technology Fest

Daniel Lefkowitz will demonstrate William Labov's new CD-based Linguistic Atlas of North America.

Demonstrations of other linguistics-related software/hardware are welcome as well.


Friday, September 15, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Reports on Summer Research

Angela Bennett on Language Ideology and Hungarian Language Teaching in Budapest.

Lydia Rodriguez on learning Chol in a Maya Village of Northern Chiapas.


Friday, October 20, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Fernando Herrero

"Printing Books and Standardization of Castilian in late 15th century.”

Suggested Reading

Milroy, James. 2006. "Language Change and the Speaker: On the Discourse of Historical Linguistics." In Cravens, Thomas D. (ed), Variation and Reconstruction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Pp. 145-163)


Friday, October 27, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Clare Dannenberg

We KNOW who we are!: The ethnolinguistic puzzle of Lumbee English syntax and the case ofbes."

Suggested Readings

Blu, Karen I. 1977.  "Varieties of Ethnic Identity: Anglo-Saxons, Blacks, Indians, and Jews in a Southern County." Ethnicity 4: 263-86.

Brewer, Jeutonne P. and Robert W. Reising. 1982. "Tokens in the Pocosin: Lumbee English in North Carolina." American Speech 57:108-120.

Montgomery, Michael, and Margaret Mishoe. 1999. "He Bes Took up with a Yankee Girl and Moved up There to New York: The Verb Bes in the Carolinas and Its History."  American Speech 74 (3): 240-281.


Thursday, November 2, 7-8:30pm (Brooks Hall Library)

David Samuels

"The Agenda of Ambiguity in Expressive Culture."

Suggested Readings

James Fernandez (and commentators). 1974. “The Mission of Metaphor in Expressive Culture.” Current Anthropology 15 (2):119-145.

Booth, Stephen. 1998. "Introduction." In Precious Nonsense: The Gettysburg address, Ben Jonson's epitaphs on his children, and Twelfth night. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Pp.1-21)

N.B.: Special time: 7:00-8:30pm.

Pizza and drinks will be served!


Friday, November 3, 1-3pm (Brooks Hall Library)

David Samuels

"Interrogative Genres"

N.B.: This is the anthropology department's colloquium.


Friday, December 1, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Nona Moskowitz

"The Life History of Phil Bellows: Referencing Self and Other on Chichijima."


Other Events of Interest

Friday, December 1, 3-5pm (Old Cabell Hall 107)

Deborah Kapchan

"Music in Performance Symposium: Intersections Between Performance Studies and Anthropology."