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"'Civilizing' China: Cultural Beliefs about the Urban and Modern in the People’s Republic of China"

"The Chinese Revolution of 1949 is seen by scholars as the quintessential peasant  revolution, and a pro-peasant stance became standard in political rhetoric following the Revolution. But during my ethnographic work over the last three decades I have heard just the opposite view of the peasantry expressed by both urban and rural Chinese. In this lecture I will discuss the stigmatizing of the peasantry and the corresponding valorization of the city.

Chinese Astronomical Systems in the South Pacific

Singular-Particulars: Some Reflections on the Excessiveness of Death, Mourning, and Loss

Drawing upon phenomenological insights into the ways that phenomena disclose, indicate, or conceal themselves given the particular conditions in which they are situated and the distinctive modes of access that we may have to them, this talk will sketch the ethical and ontological entailments that afford access to what I term a “singular-particular.” While most modes of particularity inhabiting ethnographic work can be understood as typified particulars, that is as particulars that disclose something of the recurrent and typified ways that particular individuals or groups go about navigating

Anthropology Beyond the Academy

As one of the increasing number of anthropology Ph.D.'s who by choice or necessity find employment outside of academia, in this talk I draw on my own career path to explore the practice of anthropology both inside and outside of the academy. I discuss why I left a tenured faculty position and describe my attempts to bring an ethnographic sensibility to my work with USAID as a AAAS Fellow and contractor. Please join me for what I hope will be a lively discussion about academia, anthropology, international development, ethics, and intellectual growth.

Little Earth: Housing Policy, Indian Policy, and ‘Responsibility’ in Minneapolis

When the Little Earth housing complex first opened its doors in Minneapolis in 1973 its goal was to house and serve the urban American Indian community, providing human services, education, and economic opportunities and programs for its residents. Initially funded and managed by the Minnesota Council of Churches and the St.

Controversial Old Brooks Hall Still Has Surprises for Modern Renovators

This summer, workers have been renovating and repairing parts of one of the oldest non-Jeffersonian buildings on the University of Virginia’s Grounds – a storied and controversial building once considered for demolition.

UVa students seek to solve Highland’s mysteries

Anthropology Professor and Linguistics Director Lise Dobrin was recently interviewed by JSTOR Daily about her work on Language Documentation in Papua New Guinea.

Congratulations to Assistant Professor China Scherz

Anthropology Assistant Professor China Scherz has won the 2017 Cory Family Teaching Award in "Group A"  (Anthropology, Art, Classics, English, History, Philosophy, Politics, Religious Studies, and Sociology) from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia. This award recognizes a junior faculty member "for excellence and innovation in teaching". Congratulations China!

Kudos to Graduate Student Michael Wenzel

Graduate student Michael Wenzel will be a Fellow of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) for the 2017-18 fellowship year, conducting research on his dissertation project “Language Ideologies & Egyptian Media”


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