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INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Kansas State University Professor: Michael Wesch

“The Great Project”

The Reluctant Healer: An Amil and an Anthropologist

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In lieu of an abstract, I give a brief extract from the paper I will present – based on a chapter from my forthcoming book Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty (Fordham University Press, October, 2014)

“Dubai and Singapore: Asian Diasporics, Global Logistics, Company Rule”

Too Soon for Post-Feminism: The Ongoing Life of Patriarchy in Neoliberal America”

In this paper I seek to bring “patriarchy” back into focus in ways that make sense to a 21st century audience. In the first part of the paper I discuss the ways in which “feminism” has fallen off the contemporary intellectual/political agenda or, if it remains on the agenda, it does so primarily as the study of “women” and “gender” rather than of patriarchy as a system of power.

Family Still Matters: U.Va. Anthropologist’s Book Finds Kinship Plays Big Role in Modern Economics

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In modern society, most Americans assume that home and work are separate, and that kinship has little or no role in the workplace.

Signals in the Noise: Local Knowledge for Anticipating Change in a Complex Socio-Ecological System

The Mystery of Brooks Hall

Rivers and Lakes: Other Spaces of Hong Kong

Dissertation Defense: Time In Language, Gesture, and Thought A Case Study in Chol Maya


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