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Dissertation Defense: Invention of the Market: The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Late Socialist Cuba

Consequences of Culturally Biased Research Ethics in Shanghai

Dissertation Defense: A Critical Age: Single Motherhood and the Making of Family and Nation in Israel

Notes Toward an Anthropology of Confidence

A Part of Nature or Apart from Nature? New Professors Explore Human Responses to the Environment

With academic experience spanning the humanities and sciences, James Igoe and Willis Jenkins have joined the faculty of the University of Virginia’s College of Arts & Sciences this semester. Affiliated with the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, both were hired to expand the University’s strengths in interdisciplinary areas of scholarship and teaching.



Techno-Revivalism: Mobilizing "Tradition" to Address Climate Change

Tom Cogill Exhibits ‘Pictures from a Room’ in Brooks Hall Commons

Guatemalan Maya women posed for photographer Tom Cogill in their village community center where the walls were painted with images and people’s names from the civil war they had endured.

Roberto Armengol Awarded First Place in the 2013 Jorge Pérez-López Student Prize Competition

Kudos to Roberto Armengol, who was awarded First Place in the 2013 Jorge Pérez-López Student Prize Competition from the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy for the best graduate student paper on the Cuban economy.  Roberto's paper was entitled: "Competitive Solidarity and the Political Economy of Invento."   

Congratulations, Roberto!

Lisa Shutt: Food and Meaning in Africa and the Diaspora

What's Best for the Children? UVA Anthropologist Allison Alexy


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