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What is the K in K-Pop? South Korean Popular Music and Cultural Transformation

"What is the K in K-Pop? Southern Korean Popular Music and Cultural Transformation"

  • Special Time: 3:00 P.M.-5:15 P.M., Brooks Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room
    Sponsored by Center for East Asian Studies and the Department of Anthropology

Linguistic Piety in Islamic Java

Hoklo, Hakka and the Tyranny of Fashion: Footbinding in the Taiwan Censuses of 1905 and 1915.

Footbinding presents an enduring puzzle to students of gender roles and family relationships in late imperial Chinese society.  Recent studies all acknowledge that footbinding was not uniformly practiced, and that wide variations existed with respect to the proportion of girls binding, the ages binding began, and the degree of deformation binding caused.  Assessing such variation is fundamental to understanding the social and cultural pressures that encouraged binding in some circumstances and discouraged it in others.  But there is only one source, the early twentieth ce

Telling a Story in Five Past Tenses: Time and Tense in a Native American Language

Religious and Sacred Imperative in Human Conflict

The Cousin Marriage Debate and the World of Science and Medicine in 19th-Century America

The Historical Anthropology of Guerrilla Warfare


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