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Sites in History, History in Sites:Historical Archaeology and Indigenous Knowledge in the Chesapeake (A.D. 1200 - 2010)

ANTH 3589-02

Stone artifacts provide a principal means for inferring various aspects of human behavior in prehistory. Aside from lecture and seminar-like discussion, students will learn by making and using stone tools, collecting descriptive data from stone artifacts, and summarizing and interpreting those data in reports. This hands-on course focuses on production technology and tool use as a means for understanding these aspects with prehistoric artifacts.

ANTH 4991-001

This seminar course explores the ways that Middle Eastern ethnographies have contributed to anthropological debates on topics such as history and memory, tribalism gender, religion and secularism, colonialism, nationalism, and markets. We will examine the portrayals of Middle Eastern societies in the Western world and consider how this has changed through time. Second, we will explore the relevance of archaeological and historical narratives to modern communities in the Middle East.

ANTH 5620

Survey of the anthropological literature on the Middle East & N. Africa. Begins historically with traditional writing on the Middle East and proceeds to critiques of this tradition and attempts at new ways of constructing knowledge of this world region. Readings juxtapose theoretical and descriptive work toward critically appraising modern writers' success in overcoming the critiques leveled against their predecessors.

ANTH 5430

Introduces the major phonological and grammatical features of the languages of sub-Saharan Africa, with attention to issues in language classification, the use of linguistic evidence for prehistoric reconstruction, and sociolinguistic issues of relevance to Africa.

ANTH 4591

Integrates the major subdivisions of anthropology, emphasizing selected theoretical topics and primary sources. Primarily for majors in their final year.

ANTH 9999

For doctoral dissertation, taken under the supervision of a dissertation director.


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