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ANTH 9998

For doctoral research, taken before a dissertation director has been selected.

ANTH 9559

New course in the subject of anthropology.

ANTH 9060

Research Practicum

ANTH 9050

Research Practicum

ANTH 7840

This course examines the quantitative analytical techniques used in anthropology and archaeology. Topics include seriation, regression analysis, measures of diversity, and classification.

ANTH 7830

Discusses current topics in the evolution of prehistoric cultures in North America. Emphasizes patterns in the development of organization, exchange, and subsistence.

ANTH 7820

Examines the development of social ranking, operation of complex societies, and formation of the state. Case-studies from Old and New Worlds provide basis for evaluating classic and recent constructs proposed by anthropologists for the organization and collapse of chiefly society, theories on state formation, urbanism, and early empires.

ANTH 7810

Analyzes the transformation of societies based on a mobile, hunting-gathering adaptation to an agricultural economy with permanent villages and emerging political complexity. Models of the origin of agriculture and sedentism are reviewed and evaluated.

ANTH 7808

Seminar in current methodological and theoretical issues in archaeology. In some years the common course requirement in archaeological anthropology may be fulfilled by ANTH 7810.

ANTH 7700

The seminar explores health and disease in socio-cultural, political-economic, and historic contexts, with a particular focus on health disparities. The course is interdisciplinary (including anthropology, sociology, nursing and public health).


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