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ANTH 7630

Analyzes various features of traditional Chinese social organization as it existed in the late imperial period. Includes the late imperial state; Chinese family and marriage; lineages; ancestor worship; popular religion; village social structure; regional systems; and rebellion.

ANTH 7610

Explores the indigenous philosophies of Hindu South Asia, as revealed in ritual, myth and text.

ANTH 7603

This course explores how archaeological and architectural evidence can be used to enhance our understanding of the slave societies that evolved in the early-modern Atlantic world. The primary focus is the Chesapeake and the British Caribbean, the later exemplified by Jamaica and Nevis. The course is structured around a series of data-analysis projects that draw on the Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (http://www.daacs.org).

ANTH 7590

Topics to be announced prior to each semester, dealing with social and cultural anthropology.

ANTH 7589

Topics to be announced prior to each semester, dealing with archaeology.

ANTH 7559

New course in the subject of anthropology.

ANTH 7541

Analyzes particular aspects of the social use of language. Topics vary from year to year.

ANTH 7480

This course covers the basic principles of diachronic linguistics (the study of how languages change over time) and the uses of linguistic data in the reconstruction of prehistory. Considered is the use of linguistic evidence in tracing prehistoric population movements in demonstrating contact among prehistoric groups and in the reconstruction of daily life. To the extent that the literature permits, examples and case studies will be drawn from the Mayan language area of Central America, and will include discussion of the pre-Columbian Mayan writing system and its ongoing decipherment.

ANTH 7470

Language and Culture in the Middle East

ANTH 7450

Surveys the classification and typological characteristics of Native American languages and the history of their study, with intensive work on one language by each student. Some linguistics background is helpful.


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