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ANTH 7400

An advanced introduction to the study of language from an anthropological point of view. No prior coursework in linguistics is expected, but the course is aimed at graduate students who will use what they learn in their own anthropologically-oriented research.

ANTH 7370

Study of the cultural representations and interpretations of the body in society.

ANTH 7340

This course explores the mutuality of the disciplines of anthropology and history, as well as the differences in their approaches and methods, in order to reassert the epistemology and subject matter common to the two disciplines, and to bring strength to disciplinary analysis. We will read works of scholars who traverse the two disciplines, paying close attentions to their methodological approaches.

ANTH 7290

Analyzes the ways in which a spirit of national or ethic solidarity is mobilized and utilized.

ANTH 7210

This course explores the anthropology of modern political and government institutions with an eye towards the methodological and analytical tools necessary for investigating the bundle of relationships subsumed under the heading of "the state". The first half of the course will focus on theories of the nation-state, its nature, and "effects". The second half will examine ethnographic analysis of encouters with the state and it institutions.

ANTH 7200

Cross-cultural comparison of marriage and domestic groups, analyzed as a point of intersection between cultural conceptions of gender and a larger political economy.

ANTH 7153

This course explores Eastern European societies through an examination of the practices of everyday social life. Topics include the changing cultural meanings of work and consumption, the nature of property rights and relations, family and gender, ethnicity and nationalism, religion and ritual. Prerequisite: one course in anthropology or permission of the instructor.

ANTH 7150

Studies the works of Franz Boas and his students (Kroeber, Lowie, Sapir, Benedict, Mead, Radin, Whorf) in historical perspective; considers their relevance to contemporary culture theory. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

ANTH 7129

Explores the ways that culturally formed systems of values and family organization affect population processes in a variety of cultures. Readings are drawn from comparative anthropology and historical demography. Cross-listed as ANTH 3129.

ANTH 7110

Available for graduate students in their fourth semester, as they prepare to fulfill their paper and presentation requirement.


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