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ANTH 7060

A workshop for graduates preparing dissertation proposals and writing grant applications. Each student prepares several drafts of a proposal, revising it at each stage in response to the criticisms of classmates and the instructor.

ANTH 7050

A seminar and writing workshop exploring methods of qualitative data analysis, styles of ethnographic description, and problems of research design. Students apply these techniques to the results of field research. Prerequisite: ANTH 7040 or instructor permission.

ANTH 7040

Seminar on ethnographic methods and research design in the qualitative tradition. Surveys the literature on ethnographic methods and explores relations among theory, research design, and appropriate methodologies. Students participate in methodological exercises and design a summer pilot research project. Prerequisite: Second year graduate in anthropology or instructor permission.

ANTH 7030

Critical reading of selected monographs that use the data and methods of each of the three subdisciplines of socio-cultural, archaeological and linguistic anthropology. Explores the relationship between theory and data through readings selected from different historical periods, theoretical perspectives, and geographical areas.

ANTH 7020

Explores the major recent theoretical approaches in current anthropology, with attention to their histories and to their political contexts and implications.

ANTH 7010

Introduces major historical figures, approaches, and debates in anthropology (sociocultural, linguistic, archaeological), with a focus on understanding the discipline’s diverse intellectual history, and its complex involvement with dominant social and intellectual currents in western society.

ANTH 6590

Topics to be announced prior to each semester, dealing with social and cultural anthorpology.

ANTH 5895

Archaeological databases often violate many of the assumptions made in application of parametric statistics. Reviews the unique characteristics of those databases and explores alternative analytical methods. Emphasizes case studies. Prerequisite: ANTH 5880 or a basic statistics course.

ANTH 5890

Examines the ways in which archaeologists have studied symbolism in ancient societies. Some key topics include the analyses of cultural concepts of space and time, symbolism of material culture and the construction of social identity. Prerequisite: Undergraduates should obtain instructor permission.

ANTH 5885

Exploration of the archaeology of frontiers, expansions and colonization, focusing on European expansion into Africa and the Americas while using other archaeologically-known examples (e.g., Roman, Bantu) as comparative studies. Prerequisite: For undergraduates, ANTH 4591 senior seminar or instructor permission.


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