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ANTH 5860

Critical review of the theoretical and methodological issues involved in the archaeological study of ceramics. Includes ceramic production and exchange, and the uses of ceramics in the study of social interactions.

ANTH 5850

A review of archaeological approaches to systems of production, exchange, and consumption. Discusses data from both the Old and New Worlds.

ANTH 5840

Examines archaeological approaches to the study of complex societies using case studies from both the Old and New Worlds.

ANTH 5830

Reviews and analyzes archaeological data used in the reconstruction of ancient Middle Eastern societies.

ANTH 5820

Studies the prehistory of the American southwest, emphasizing cultural development, field techniques, and particular sites.

ANTH 5810

Studies the prehistory of the eastern woodlands region, emphasizing cultural development and change. Discussions of archaeological field techniques and methods, and examination of sites in the vicinity of the University.

ANTH 5808

Investigates current theory, models, and research methods in anthropological archaeology.

ANTH 5807

Considers how archaeological thinking reflects, and is related to, more general ethnological theory.

ANTH 5800

Field and laboratory training in the collection, processing, and analysis of archaeological material. Because subject matter varies from semester to semester, course may be repeated.

ANTH 5760

This seminar approaches a complex, major religious tradition, Tibetan Buddhism in its larger sociocultural contexts, from an analytical, anthropological perspective. Through ethnographies, a selection of comparative and theoretical elements, and film, we analyze the diverse array of Tibetan religious forms, and address larger anthropological issues and debates on religion and society (or politics), ritual, and the anthropology of texts.


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