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ANTH 5800

Field and laboratory training in the collection, processing, and analysis of archaeological material. Because subject matter varies from semester to semester, course may be repeated.

ANTH 5760

This seminar approaches a complex, major religious tradition, Tibetan Buddhism in its larger sociocultural contexts, from an analytical, anthropological perspective. Through ethnographies, a selection of comparative and theoretical elements, and film, we analyze the diverse array of Tibetan religious forms, and address larger anthropological issues and debates on religion and society (or politics), ritual, and the anthropology of texts.

ANTH 5750

Discussion of the political culture of Buddhist societies of South and Southeast Asia.

ANTH 5720

Studies the ritual of different cultures, using not only anthropological terms of analysis but also examining the viewpoint of the cultures themselves. Examines changing attitudes in the study of ritual, along with the problem of the wide variability of religious expression. Explores new directions in the anthropology of experience in the light of recent work healing and spirit possession.

ANTH 5710

Overview of anthropology's approach to ritual during a century of diverse speculation on the nature and origins of religions, with discussion of such figures as James Frazer, A.M. Hocart, Claude Levi-Strauss, Max Gluckman, and Victor Turner. Focuses on topics announced prior to each semester relating those issues to the whole tradition of interpretation of ritual in anthropology. Topics have included the nature of sacrifice, the expression of hierarchy in ritual, and the compatibility of historical approaches with ritual analysis. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

ANTH 5650

Studies eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century Caribbean intellectual life, Imperialism, Island nationalism, slavery, colonized values, race, class, and religion. Prerequisite: ANTH 3157 strongly recommended.

ANTH 5590

Topics to be announced prior to each semester, dealing with social and cultural anthropology.

ANTH 5589

Seminars in topics announced prior to each semester.

ANTH 5570

Seminars on topics announced prior to each semester.

ANTH 5559

New course in the subject of anthropology.


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