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"Men and Balls: Enactions and Recognition through the Basque Sport of Pelota"

Editors’ Choice: The Merits of Incorporating Allahyari’s “Material Speculation” with 3D Printing

PhD Candidate Sue Ann McCarty uses 3-D printing to teach Mid-East Archaeology in the time of Daesh (Digital Humanities Now)

VAS host Anthropology Week

The Virginia Anthropology Society at the University organized a week full of engaging anthropology-related events, culminating in National Anthropology Day Feb. 19th.

“I’m a Creole-Kongo”: Kongolese Vodou and Creolization in Haiti

Lise Dobrin co-authors AAA response to proposed federal IRB changes

UVa Anthropology Professor Lise Dobrin worked with Rena Lederman (Princeton) to write the American Anthropological Association's official response to the federal government's recently proposed changes in the regulations for research ethics review implemented by IRBs.


Lise Dobrin's Linguistic Field Methods Class Helps Document Endangered Language

Kudos to Macario Garcia

Kudos to Macario Garcia who has just been awarded a Wenner-Gren dissertation research grant.

Greeting the Dead: Managing Solitary Existence in Japan

Foundations of Andean State Formation

In Search of Dignified Work: Moral Economies of Labor in Nicaraguan Fair Trade


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