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Intellectual Property in Anthropology

This workshop explores the way contemporary intellectual property (IP) regimes bear on our practices as anthropologists. What issues should we look out for in formalizing ownership of our scholarly products? How do publishing agreements affect our rights to share scholarship with students and colleagues or to post articles to the web? What rights and responsibilities do we have to use materials produced by others, including images, recordings, software, or other content? What policies and laws affect the digitization/preservation/archiving of fieldwork data?

Pastoral Power, Haitian Migration, and the Biopolitics of Catholic Charity in the United States

Reception follows in Brooks Commons, 1st Floor
Sponsored by Department of Anthropology

Theme: Law in Japan. Sponsored by the East Asia Center and Department of Anthropology

Dravidian Kinship and Small-World Networks

Boiled and Roasted: Identity Through Food Preparation And The Social Life Of Formative Titicaca Basin, Bolivia

Sites in History, History in Sites:Historical Archaeology and Indigenous Knowledge in the Chesapeake (A.D. 1200 - 2010)


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