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I am an anthropologist and historian of science and technology. My research examines the role of place in scientific practice, focusing on how scientists and engineers create place through their daily practice. My first book, entitled Placing Outer Space (forthcoming with Duke University Press), is an ethnography of contemporary planetary scientists and how they refashion distant, alien formations of gas and rock as intimate, familiar places; how planets become worlds. This work allows us to reflect on our own understandings of Earth as a planet, place, and world.


I am interested in Western biomedical practice and how social and cultural factors influence the delivery of those health services and the health outcomes of those services. In particular, I am interested in the physician-patient interaction. I seek to look at the discourse between patient and physician to shed light on how communicative practice in the medical setting leads to diagnostic and treatment decisions. In this regard, I am interested in integrating cognitive anthropological approaches with interpretive ethnography.

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