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Although I have not officially started fieldwork research yet, I am primarily interested in studying poverty in urban centers. Beyond studying the roles of institutions in belaying and simultaneously reinforcing poverty and the conditions that lead to it, I am interested in the temporal and cyclical characteristics of poverty




Pregnant Pauses: Communication and the Composition of Networks of Care in Southwestern Uganda



As languages around the world rapidly disappear, the sociocultural situations of endangerment and their impact on communities remains largely unexplored. Ethnographic research consistently shows, “researchers and communities must come to understand what is happening to the speakers, not just what is happening to the language” (Granadillo and Orcutt-Gachiri, 3).


My research interests focus on African Traditional Religions (ATR), specifically Yoruba Indigenous Religions, and their relationship to world religions such as Christianity and Islam. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how practitioners of these religious traditions understand themselves in relation to these seemingly more powerful counter parts as well as how Yoruba practitioners understand the Afro-Atlantic phenomena of Orisha worship that has seemingly taken off and become (and perhaps has always been) its own thing entirely. 


For my doctoral studies, I am most interested in exploring the ethics of modern militaries, focusing specifically on war crimes, atrocities, and other violations of the laws of land warfare. I intend to focus on Western militaries and will be examining their training methodologies and culture to better understand what factors contribute to human rights violations.


My research interests focus on Chinese popular religion, specifically practices of divination. I am interested in understanding the heterogeneous ways Chinese interpret misfortunes, manage everyday uncertainties, a fundamental realm of human existence, and orient themselves in relation to predictions towards a seemingly definite future. I intend to investigate how the interactions between religious specialists, customers, and non-human actors offer the potentialities of thinking of an alternative goodness in a world inflicted by uncertainty, precarity and suffering.


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