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Graduate Student


I am currently based in Accra, Ghana working with community members of Nima, a predominantly Muslim immigrant neighborhood. My research focuses on mutually reinforcing themes of language maintenance and place-making as well as how Hausa-speaking immigrants from across West Africa have shaped the linguistic ecology of present-day Accra. In Nima, the community-wide use of Hausa and practice of Islam promote values of hospitality and unity that allow for a diversity of immigrants to feel a sense of belonging.


My dissertation project examines an emerging form of multiethnic nationalism in modern-day Slovenia. Against the backdrop of growing Slovene ethno-nationalism and neo-Nazism, I work with a group of grassroots reconciliationists who are working to reconfigure Slovenian conceptions of kinship and belonging. Exhumation of the mass graves from the Foibe Massacres and ritual interment is the central project of the reconciliationists' peaceful nation-building, bringing the ontological project of the state down to the level of the civilian.


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