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General Events

Twiga Stars: Tanzania's Soccer Sisters

Minor Hall 125. Sponsored by the Anthropology Department and Carter-Woodson Institute.

Dissertation Defense: Marginal Centers: The Culture of Local Politics in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Talk on the Turn: Sciences and Religion. “The Animist Turn with Reference to the Soul”


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This is an invitation to people living in Charlottesville and in the academic community who are interested in talking about deep living spirituality, mysticism, religion, and the contemplatives. This is conversations of religious groups in the style of the Impact Movement.

Dissertation Proposal: The New Mammoni: Why the cultural perception of Italy’s ‘mama’s boys’ is changing

Dissertation Proposal: Defining Susquehannock: People and Ceramics in the Lower Susquehanna River Valley, AD 1575 to 1690

Dissertation Proposal: Corruption or Ceremonial Exchange? Cultures of Political Generosity in Benin

IRB Information & Training Workshop

Professor Lise Dobrin will lead an IRB INFORMATION AND TRAINING  WORKSHOP in the second floor conference room, Brooks Hall 3.30 pm Friday March 23.  

Beyond Mutuality: Getting Divorced in Contemporary Japan

The Penguin’s Egg: Natural History Collections and Collectors as a Means of Understanding the World and What it Means to Be a Human Being

Third-Year Anthropology Graduate Student Research Symposium

All Anthropology faculty and graduate students are invited to attend. The following two research previews will be presented, in conference format and with time for questions and discussion:

  • Erika Brant
    (Ph.D. candidate, Archaeological Anthropology)
    Reconnecting with the Ancestors: Ritual and Sociality in a Post-collapse Andean Society (A.D. 1000-1450)


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