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I have been exploring women’s participation in rugby social songs in the US and how they negotiate their personal identities and their rugger identities. Through interviews with rugby players in Alaska, I became interested in the differences between US rugby culture and New Zealand rugby culture as well as the role, use, and expression of haka.


My research interests center around conceptions of mental health/illness and access to mental health care. Specifically, I'm interested in novel ontologies and epistemologies that speak to "mental" health without relying on Cartesian dualism, and how these can be opportunities for healing, resilience, and resistance; I intend to explore these questions in Highland Guatemala. 


Although I have not officially started fieldwork research yet, I am primarily interested in studying poverty in urban centers. Beyond studying the roles of institutions in belaying and simultaneously reinforcing poverty and the conditions that lead to it, I am interested in the temporal and cyclical characteristics of poverty


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