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Teresa Sullivan

"Reset the relationship with President Sullivan"- Communication from UVA Deans to the BOV

— from Fred Damon

Please see attached the letter from deans of the schools at the University of Virginia, requesting that the BOV reconsider the decision of June 8, 2012, and restore Teresa A. Sullivan to the position of President of the University of Virginia.


TO:          Board of Visitors, University of Virginia 

FROM:    Deans of the Colleges, University of Virginia 

DATE:     June 21, 2012 

RE:          Reinstatement of Teresa Sullivan, PhD
                 as President of the University of Virginia

We, the deans of the Colleges of the University of Virginia, respectfully request that the Board of Visitors (BOV) reconsider their decision of June 8, 2012 and restore Teresa A. Sullivan to the position of President of the University of Virginia. 

The Deans do not make this suggestion lightly. We are aware of both the dedication and responsibility that the BOV has for the University, and the fact that the Board has acted in what they believe are the best interests of the University despite a substantial amount of discord evoked by the decision in the faculty, the student body, and many members of the staff. 

Among the reasons for the BOV’s decision were concern for the fiscal status of the University and more rapid action on fiscal and other issues, such as the role of on-line learning in our educational models and proactive approaches to the demographic changes that will occur in the faculty (retirements, etc.) in the next 5-8 years....


Express Yourself: How to Voice Your Views Over the Teresa Sullivan Firing

— from Fred Damon

The following useful resource was issued by George Cohen, UVA Faculty Senate chair, regarding the controversial ouster of President Teresa Sullivan by the Board of Visitors, led by Rector Helen Dragas. I include it here, in a slightly simplified version from the original, for your benefit and for the benefit of our department and university. 

Please contact ant-web@virginia.edu for any corrections or additions to this posting. 

Ethnocentrism, Virginia Style

— from The Huffington Post

The recent firing of University of Virginia (UVA) President Teresa Sullivan is a classic case of what anthropologists call ethnocentrism. It is a clear example of how ethnocentric thinking produces devastating social, political and educational results.

Most anthropologists say that you are ethnocentric when you use your own set of rules, procedures and beliefs to make judgments about other people who don't share your view of the world. I tell my anthropology students that there are two kinds of ethnocentrism. The first kind, which I like to call "my way or the highway" ethnocentrism, is characterized like....(Read more)

President Sullivan's Ouster: Anthropology & Linguistics Heads Join Campus-wide Outcry, Sign Letter of Protest

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