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I am a cultural anthropologist with an interest in the ethics of care in family intimacies amid particular socio–political notions of the good life.


My interests include the anthropology of moralities and ethics; the intertwining of humans, worlds and situations; political activity and theory; the intersection of anthropology and philosophy; the drug war; artificial intelligence and ethics; and data ethics. These interests are taken up from the perspective of an anthropology strongly influenced by post-Heideggerian continental philosophy and critical theory, the theoretical articulation of which I name critical hermeneutics.


My research interests focus on Chinese popular religion, specifically practices of divination. I am interested in understanding the heterogeneous ways Chinese interpret misfortunes, manage everyday uncertainties, a fundamental realm of human existence, and orient themselves in relation to predictions towards a seemingly definite future. I intend to investigate how the interactions between religious specialists, customers, and non-human actors offer the potentialities of thinking of an alternative goodness in a world inflicted by uncertainty, precarity and suffering.


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