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UVA Courses Outside Anthropology for Consideration as Electives


Courses outside Anthropology for Consideration as Electives
in Anthropology Major, in Consultation with Major Advisor



AMST 2001  Formations of American Cultural Studies
AMST 3180  Introduction to Asian American Studies


ARH 2150 Global Sustainability
ARH 2753 - Arts & Cultures of the Slave South              

Art History

ARTH 2051  Art of the Ancient Near East and Prehistoric Europe
ARTH 2052  Ancient Egypt
ARTH 2055  Introduction to Classical Archaeology
ARTH 2861  East Asian Art
ARTH 2862 Arts of the Asian World – India to Japan
ARTH 2871  The Arts of India
ARTH 2961  Arts of the Islamic World
ARTH 3062  Pompeii


ASTR 3410  Archaeo-astronomy

East Asian Studies

1310 Chinese Culture and Society
1320 Chinese Culture and Society


EDLF 4605  Anthropology of Education
EDLF 5711  Globalization, Childhood and Culture
EDLF 5500  Education in Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster Settings (new course)
EDLF 5710  Ethnography and Education


ENCR 3000  Contemporary Literary Theory
ENCR 3810  Feminist Theory and Methods

Environmental Science

EVSC 2030 - Politics, Science, and Values: An Introduction to Environmental Policy
EVSC 2200  Plants, People and Culture
EVSC 4060  People, Culture and Environment of Southern Africa

Environmental Thought and Practice

ETP 2020  Global Sustainability
ETP 4810  Class, Race and the Environment

Globalization and Development Studies (possibility of more in future, many may not survive)

GDS 2020  Culture, Commerce and Travel History
HIAF 2001 Early African History

Jewish Studies

JWST 3520  Southern Jewish History and Culture


LING 2500  English as a Global Language
LING 3400  Structure of English
LING 3500  Language Death

Media Studies

MDST 2100  Media, Culture and Society

Middle East and South Asia

MESA 3470  Language and Culture in the Middle East
MESA 2350  Women and the Media in the Middle East and South Asia

Middle Eastern Studies

MEST 2270  Culture and Society of the Contemporary Arab Middle East


MUSI 3070  Introduction to Musical Ethnography
MUSI 3090  Performance in Africa

Religious Studies

RELA 2750 African Religions
RELA 2850  Afro-Creole Religions in the Americas
RELA 3000  Women and Religion in Africa
RELA 3351  African Diaspora Religions
RELA 3890  Christianity in Africa
RELA 3990  Islam in Africa
RELA 4100  Yoruba Religion

Slavic Folklore and Oral Literature

SLFK 2120  Ritual and Family Life


SOC 3595   After Communism: The Remaking of Communist and Post-Communist Societies (to get own number next spring)
SOC 3490  Cities and Cultures
SOC 4680   Sociology of the Everyday
SOC 4140  Sociology of Consumption
SOC 4640  Urban Sociology


SPAN  4706   Spanish 20th Century History

Spanish, Italian and Portuguese: SWAG

1440  Gender and Race in Popular Music
2030  Gender in Muslim Lives
2858  Anthropology of Reproduction: Fertility and the Future