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A Welcome from the Chair




Dear alumni and friends,



As faculty me​mbers who remain on grounds while students and visitors come and go, we relish keeping in touch. While you were here with us in Brooks Hall, we started conversations together about anthropology, about the importance of culture and language, and about the fascinating shapes that people’s lives take around the world and over time. We’d like to keep those conversations going!

Brooks Hall has changed over the past few years in ways that enhance these conversational beginnings. Studio Art moved to its own building and Brooks Hall now belongs entirely to Anthropology. The old art studios have been renovated into great public spaces, including a linguistics library and conference room on the second floor and Brooks Hall Commons—an elegant room for study, concerts, conferences, and receptions—on the first floor. We have also doubled our archaeology lab space. These new public spaces make Brooks Hall a terrific hub of intellectual and social life for students and faculty in Anthropology and in the College.

Outside of Brooks Hall we are keen to maintain new virtual spaces to keep those conversations alive. We hope our new web and Facebook pages will give you a lively sense of the on-going research, teaching, and debates that we are all currently engaged in. We’d love to hear back from you and know what you are doing and thinking. We trust that what you learned in anthropology has served you well in your career and along life’s path. Please join us on Facebook and let us know what you are up to and how you have woven anthropology into your lives and work.

Do come visit us in Brooks Hall when you are back in Charlottesville. We’d love to see you any time you happen to be in town. The door is always open.
With warmest regards and best wishes,

  Eve Danziger, Department Chair

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