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Graduate Alumni

2019 Graduates     
  Thesis Title Current Activies & Location 
Broach, Alison Voices of Spirit and Blood: Garifuna Language Endangerment as Experienced by Ancestors and Descendants in Livingston, Guatemala  
Garcia, Macario Sensing Incarceration: Mobility, Animacy, Becoming Human  
Haines, Julia Intimate Spaces and Plantation Landscapes in Nineteenth-Century Mauritius: Archaeology of Indentured Laborers in the Western Indian Ocean  
Peng, Xinyan "We've Always Worked": Professionalizing Life among White-Collar Women in Contemporary Urban China  
2018 Graduates     
  Thesis Title Current Activies & Location 
Howarter, Carolyn A Feast, A Dance, and A Funeral: an Exploration of Tongan Modernity Across Three Christian Denominations  
Rolando, Giancarlo  Living with Other: Mastanawa Engagements with Alterity  
Block, Lee "Sweetgum’s Amber: Animate Mound Landscapes and the Nonlinear Longue Durée in the Native South"  
Palazzo, Susan The Colonial Process in Bronze and Iron Age Sardinia:  Foodways and Daily Practices  
Nahas, Natalie Tortuous Marriages, Kinship, Coexistence, and the Lebanese Nationn-State   
2017 Graduates    
  Thesis Title Current Activites & Location
De Carvalho, Lucas The Village, The State, and Amerindian Shamanic Thought: Becoming Makushi in the Hinterland of Guyana  
Dennis, Dannah  Nepali First: Nationalism and Citizenship in a New Secular Republic  
Flood, David Classed Cultural Ethics: Understanding Class Difference in the Contemporary US through Traditional Musical Performance and Radical Leftism  
Hedges, Nathan By the Belly Alone: Clientelistic Tensions in Southern Benin  
Huang, Yu-Chien Gastro-Politics, Substance-Economics, and Material Matrilineality Gendered Life of Food on Yap, Micronesia  
Questa, Alessandro Dancing spirits. Towards a Masewal ecology of interdependence in the northern highlands of Puebla, Mexico  
Reynolds, Grace     
Skarzynski, Elizabeth Beyond Prestige: A Ritual Production Model for Stone Tool Specialization in Naqada Period Egypt  
2016 Graduates    
  Thesis Title Current Activies & Location 
Maceyko, Melissa Women for Action: Enacting a Gendered and Discursive Political Practice in Western Pennsylvania. PhD.  Writing Program at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Starr, Julie Bodily Selves, Beauty Ideas, and Nature: An Ethnographic Comparison of Cultural Difference in Shanghai, China. PhD.  Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Hamilton College, Clinton NY
Wood, Karenne ‘The Language Ghost’: Linguistic Heritage and Collective Identity Among the Monacan Indians of Central Virginia. PhD. Director of the Virginia Indian Programs at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Charlottesville VA
2015 Graduates    
  Thesis Title Current Activities & Location
Khan, Arsalan Islam, Ritual and the Ethical Life: Dawat in the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan. Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Union College, Schenectady NY
Mills, Aidyn The Politics of Possibility: Migrant Feminist Ethics in Madrid Spain. Ph.D. Chair, Charlottesville Human Rights Commission, Charlottesville VA
Stanley, Erik The Protestant Ethic and Development Ethos: Cacao and Changing Cultural Values among the Mopan Maya of Belize. Ph.D. No Record
Stoetzel, John Towards a Swahili Historical Ecology:  Phytolith-based Analysis in Coastal Eastern Africa since AD 600. Ph.D. Assistant Director of Alumni Programs at Rice University, Houston TX