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Brooks Hall

Brooks Hall, a striking 19th century Victorian Gothic structure. It is located immediately adjacent to the historic core of the University (Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda and Academical Village). Brooks Hall is also home to the Kevin Barry Perdue Archive of Traditional Culture and the Archaeological Laboratory.

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Carved Stone Animal Heads

J. David Sapir 

Photography captures the details of the diverse carved figures surrounding Brooks Hall.                    View images.

Brooks Hall at the University of Virginia: Unraveling the Mystery

Jeffrey L. Hantman

Brooks Hall has long been a curious and, at times, controversial, element in the changing cultural and architectural landscape of the University. This paper examines the social and historical context in which the Brooks Museum was established and given as a gift to the University in the late nineteenth century. Read more

That Portentous Effigy: The Life and Death of the Brooks Museum Woolly Mammoth

Jeffrey L. Hantman

For seventy years the woolly mammoth held center stage in the Brooks Museum. This faux mammoth, one of the first of its kind in American museums, attracted widespread attention and helped mammoths become one of the most popular images of natural history museums to this day. Read more.