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Social and Political Intimacies

Courses in Cluster

ANTH 2210 Marriage and the Family

ANTH 2340 Anthropology of Birth and Death

ANTH 2345 Anthropology of Reproduction

ANTH 2400 Language and Culture

ANTH 2420 Language and Gender

ANTH 2620 Sex, Gender and Culture

ANTH 2900 Cultural Politics of American Family Values

ANTH 3129 Marriage, Mortality and Fertility

ANTH 3210 Kinship and Social Organization.

ANTH 3370 Power and the Body

ANTH 3590 Modern Families, Global Worlds

ANTH 3630 Chinese Family and Religion

ANTH 3930 Kinship and the New Reproductive Technologies

ANTH 5200 History of Kinship Studies

ANTH 5210 Refiguring Kinship Studies

ANTH 5590 Kinship and Citizenship

ANTH 5590 Care and Abandonment

ANTH 5590 Romance

ANTH 5590 Love and Romantic Intimacies

ANTH 5880 Gender in Archaeology

ANTH 7200 Marriage, Gender and Political Economy