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Healing and Medicine

Courses in Cluster

ANTH 2270 Race, Gender and Medical Science

ANTH 2280 Medical Anthropology

ANTH 2291 Global Culture and Public Health

ANTH 2340 Anthropology of Birth and Death

ANTH 2360 Don Juan and Castaneda

ANTH 5360 World Mental Health

ANTH 3129 Marriage, Mortality and Fertility

ANTH 3130 Disease, Epidemics and Society

ANTH 3240 Anthropology of Food

ANTH 3320 Shamanism, Healing and Ritual

ANTH 5590 Care and Abandonment

ANTH 5590 Theory and Methods in Medical Anthropology (Gertrude)

ANTH 5590 Development and Humanitarianism

 ANTH 5720 Ritual Experience and Healing