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Anthropological Theory and History of Theory

Courses in Cluster

ANTH 2565 Society and Politics in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 2900 Cultural Politics of American Family Values

ANTH 3010 History and Theory of Anthropology

ANTH 3020  Using Anthropology

ANTH 3210 Kinship and Social Organization

ANTH 3220 Economic Anthropology

ANTH 3230 Legal Anthropology

ANTH 3270 Anthropology of Politics

ANTH 3340 Ecology and Society

ANTH 3490 Language and Thought

ANTH 5200 History of Kinship Studies

ANTH 5210 Refiguring Kinship

ANTH 5590 Kinship and Citizenship

ANTH 5590 Theory and Methods in Medical Anthropology

ANTH 5807History of Archaeological Thought

ANTH 5808 Method and Theory in Archaeology