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Material Culture

Courses in Cluster

ANTH 1010 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 2365 Art and Anthropology

ANTH 2810 Human Origins

ANTH 2820 The Emergence of States and Cities

ANTH 2850 American Material Culture

ANTH 2890 Unearthing the Past                                                                            

ANTH 3175 Native American Art: The Astor Collection

ANTH 3180 Social History of Commodities

ANTH 3240 The Anthropology of Food

ANTH 3560 The Museum in Modern Culture

ANTH 3603 Archaeological Approaches to Atlantic Slavery

ANTH 3680 Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture

ANTH 3810 Field Methods in Archaeology

ANTH 3820 North American Archaeology

ANTH 3840 Archaeology of the Middle East

ANTH 3850 Historical Archaeology

ANTH 3870 Archaeology of Virginia

ANTH 3880 African Archaeology

ANTH 3885 Archaeology of Europe

ANTH 3890 Archaeology of the American Southwest

ANTH 4840 Quantitative Analysis in Anthropology I

ANTH 4841 Quantitative Analysis in Anthropology II

ANTH 5800 Archaeology Laboratory

ANTH 5840Archaeology of Complex Societies

ANTH 5850 Archaeological Approaches to Economy and Exchange

ANTH 5870 Archaeozoology

ANTH 5880 Gender in Archaeology

ANTH 5885 Archaeology of Colonial Expansion