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Culture and History: Regional Approaches

Courses in Cluster

ANTH 2370 Japanese Culture 2370

ANTH 3155 Everyday American Life

ANTH 3630 Chinese Family and Religion

ANTH 3660 China: Empire and Nation

ANTH 3680 Australian Aboriginal Art

ANTH 3700 Globalizing India

ANTH 2470 Reflections of Exile: Jewish Languages and Their Communities

ANTH 3470 Language and Culture in the Middle East

ANTH 3840 Archaeology of the Middle East

ANTH 3885 Archaeology of Europe

ANTH 4630 Eastern European Societies

ANTH 2156 Peoples and Cultures of Africa

ANTH 3590 African Temporalities

ANTH 3880 African Archaeology

ANTH 4060 People and Environments of South Africa

ANTH 5625 Imaging Africa