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Events Calendar

Feb. 16  Department Speaker Series: Marty Schoenhals 
Feb. 23  Third Year Symposium I: Favini, Hoequist, Morgenstern, Wayt
(+ Recruitment Weekend)
Mar. 2   ANTH 9050 IRB Workshop (Lise Dobrin, Sylvia Tidey, Bronwyn Blackwood)
Mar. 16 Brooks Commons: Linguistics Career Workshop
Mar. 23 ANTH Colloquium: Beth Conklin
Mar. 24 ”A Preface that is not a Preface (to Poetics of Being in Indigenous Amazonia and Modern Anthropology)”
George Mentore (University of Virginia), Janet Chernela (University of Maryland), Beth Conklin (Vanderbilt University), and William Fisher (William & Mary) 
Mar. 30 Third Year Symposium II: Sevastakis, Quasem, Zhang
Apr. 6  Brooks Commons: Native American Studies Symposium
April 13 Brooks Commons: Indigenous Political Ecologies Workshop
Apr. 20  Brooks Commons: Collaborative Engagements Conference (African Urbanism Humanities Lab)

Apr. 20 Department Speaker Series: Karen Ho

Apr. 27 ANTH Colloquium: Fahad Bishara
May 4    ANTH Department Party

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