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Sonia Alconini

David A. Harrison III Professor of American Archaeology

Ancient imperialism and empires, settlement patterns, frontier dynamics, household archaeology, Andean-Amazonian interactions and GIS applications in archaeology.

Brooks Hall, 204


Ira Bashkow

Goldsmith Family NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, 2018-2021: Associate Professor
Social and cultural theory, corporate organizations, financial markets, globalization, development, race studies, ethnographic research methods, history of anthropology, Oceania.

Brooks Hall, 209


Frederick H. Damon


Structuralism, Marxism, world system theory, chaos theory; ethnobotony, historical ecology, ethnoastronomy; social structure, kinship, exchange and hierarchy; Melanesia, East and South Asia, US culture in the contemporary world-system.

Brooks Hall, 206


Eve Danziger

Professor and Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics

Linguistic relativity; spatial language and spatial cognition, cross-cultural philosophies of mind, conversational gesture.  Mayan linguistics; morpho-syntactic expression of verb argument structure, linguistic prehistory; social organization and social identity.  

Brooks Hall, 200


Lise Dobrin

Associate Professor

Structural linguistics, Melanesian language and culture, history of anthropology, language shift, language documentation and description.

Brooks Hall, 202


Gertrude Fraser

Associate Professor

Medical anthropology; reproduction, the body and sexuality; race, gender and science; African American ethnography; applied methodology, historical anthropology.

Brooks Hall, 308


Richard Handler

Professor & Director of Global Development Studies Program

Sociocultural anthropology; nationalism, ethnicity and multi-culturalism; museum studies; cultural criticism; symbolic anthropology; history of anthropology; anthropology and literature; culture theory; modern societies; contemporary North America.

Brooks Hall, 302


James Igoe

Professor & Chair

Globalization; biodiversity conservation; development; nature; value(s); spectacle; social movements; East Africa; North America.

Brooks Hall, 300


Kasey Jernigan

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and American Studies

Medical anthropology, Native North America, Indigenous Studies, foodways, engaged anthropology, participatory research methods, digital storytelling

Brooks Hall, 310B

Adria LaViolette

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Archaeology; African Iron Age; Swahili archaeology and history; urban/rural landscapes; urban/rural landscapes; household archaeology; political economy; craft production and exchange; archaeology of Islam.

Brooks Hall, 309


Daniel Lefkowitz

Associate Professor

Language and culture; language and identity; language and emotion; sociolinguistics; lntonation, prosody, and voice quality; discourse analysis; language and media; film studies; semiotics; semitic languages (Hebrew); peoples and cultures of the Middle East; Israel.

Brooks Hall, 203


George Mentore

Associate Professor

Amerindian and Caribbean studies; the anthropology of knowledge, the anthropology of power, and the anthropology of emotion.

Brooks Hall, 205


Rachel Most

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs & Professor

Lithic analysis; quantitative methods; Southwestern archaeology; North American archaeology; prehistoric economic systems; foraging societies.

Monroe Hall, 266


Fraser D. Neiman


Colonial North America and the Caribbean, vernacular architecture, archaeological theory, quantitative techniques, GIS, digital research archives.

Archaeology Lab, Monticello

434-984 9812

China Scherz

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, alcohol, addiction, development, bureaucracy, accountability, Christianity, ethics, Uganda, Africa, Ireland, United States

Brooks Hall 207


Mark Sicoli

Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions

Embodied Interaction, Video Analysis, Semiotics, Ethnography, Language in Human Evolution and Prehistory, Language Contact, Documentary Linguistics, Indigenous languages of the Americas: Zapotec, Chatino, Chinantec (Mexico), Na-Dene (U.S.A and Canada)

Brooks Hall, 307


Margaret Smith

Director & Curator, The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection

Cultural anthropology, Australian Aboriginal studies, indigenous art, museums

P.O. Box 400120

Sylvia Tidey

Assistant Professor

Corruption, bureaucracy, the state, kinship, sexuality, (trans)gender, HIV/AIDS, phenomenological anthropology, Southeast Asia (Indonesia)

Brooks Hall, 208


Patricia Wattenmaker

Associate Professor

Southwest Asia, complex societies, political economy, regional analysis, zooarchaeology.

Brooks Hall, 304


Kath Weston


Political economy; political ecology and environmental issues; historical anthropology; science studies; kinship, gender, and sexuality.

Jarrett Zigon

William & Linda Porterfield Chair in Biomedical Ethics and Professor of Anthropology

Anthropology of moralities and ethics; the intertwining of humans, worlds and situations; political activity and theory; the intersection of anthropology and philosophy; critical hermeneutics; drug war; artificial intelligence and ethics; data ethics and justice.

Brooks Hall, 301

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