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Emeriti Faculty

Ellen Contini-Morava

Professor Emerita

Meanings and discourse functions of grammatical forms; pragmatics; linguistic theory and method; African linguistics (especially Bantu); noun classification.

Carrie Douglass

Professor, Emerita

Cultural anthropology; symbolic anthropology; Spain; the Mediterranean; European anthropology; ritual cycles; demography; reproduction; gender; marriage and the family; medical anthropology; transnational kinship; nationalism and ethnicity; art in small-scale cultures; animals (Good to Think).

Jeffrey L. Hantman

Professor, Emeritus

Eastern Woodland and Southwestern archaeology; ethnohistory; colonialism; regional systems; archaeological method and theory; indigenous archaeology; archaeology and communities.

Charles R. Kaut

Professor, Emeritus

Ravindra Khare

Professor, Emeritus

Post-War theories in socicultural anthropology; social inequalities and globalization; rationality, morality and anthropological relativism; colonial and postcolonial ethnographies: changing methods, contexts and writings; anthropological studies and anthropologists on (and in) India; contemporary India: caste, religion and cultural politics; Studying Hinduism: Old and New; India Dalits' ethnopoetics of protest and subaltern power; modernization and Islam; social inequalities in India and America; the post-War Indian Diaspora in America; the food ways and dietary cultures in India and America; and medico-legal issues surrounding modern birth and death technologies.

Susan McKinnon

Professor, Emerita

Cultural anthropology; gender, marriage, kinship; hierarchy, exchange; science studies; Indonesia, the United States.

Peter Metcalf

Professor, Emeritus

Southeast Asia, especially Borneo; anthropological approaches to comparative religion; relations between power, community and ideology.

Stephen Plog

Professor, Emeritus

Social and ritual change, digital research archives, ceramic and stylistic analysis, demography, exchange.

Marion Ross

Lecturer, Emerita

Vietnamese social interaction, traditional Vietnamese culture and society, Vietnamese literature. Teaching English as a second or foreign language.

J. David Sapir

Professor, Emeritus

West African language, lexicography, translation, folklore and symbolism; the nature of symbolism; the history and practice of still photography.

H. L. Seneviratne

Professor, Emeritus

Religion and politics, socialism, classical social theory, human rights, democracy and free market economy, ethno-nationalism, cinema, art and popular culture.

John Shepherd

Professor, Emeritus

Historical anthropology, political economy, social organization, marriage and domestic groups, demographic anthropology, Chinese culture and society, Taiwanese aboriginal culture and society.