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In Memoriam

J. Christopher Crocker

Professor, Emeritus

Indians of North and South America; ethnology of Europe; structural analysis of kinship; rationality and myth; shamanism; political anthropology; comparative studies of kingship and sacrifice in Africa and Meso-America. 

James Deetz

Professor, Emeritus

Historical archaeology of the Virginian Tidewater, the Eastern Cape frontier of South Africa, and seventeenth century Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. The greater understanding of culture, cognition, and the impact of mind on the shape, form, and use of the material world. English colonial and post-colonial artifacts and Native American basketry.    

Floyd Nelson House

First Chair (Anthropology & Sociology)

Race and culture (including the "Negro Question"), social psychology, industrialization, and Unitarianism, methodology, value theory, and war and political movements.

Dell H. Hymes

Commonwealth Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus

I still know something about the history of anthropology and of linguistics, and ethnography of speaking, but am actively concerned mostly with verbal traditions and languages of Oregon and Washington. (Other cases come up, as recently Wintu (Loon Woman), Mohave (Kroeber's texts), Saami ('Lapp'), and characteristics of oral epic (because of gatherings at Turku).

Virginia D. Hymes

Lecturer, Emerita

Linguistic anthropology, North American Indian ethnography and linguistics, analysis of oral narrative, ethnography of speaking.


Nancy J. Martin-Perdue

Scholar in Residence, Emerita

Ethnohistory, folklore and material culture; women's issues; social class, ethnicity and identity; oral history and various forms of life writing; Southern and Western U.S, Virginia, and Appalachia.

Charles L. Perdue, Jr.

Professor, Emeritus

The politics of culture, traditional music and narrative of the American South, New Deal cultural programs in Virginia.

Edith Turner

Lecturer Emerita

Humanistic anthropology, experiential roots of ritual, healing, shamanism, spirits and power, rites of passage, festivals. Ndembu African ritual, Iñupiat healing, shrines and healing in Ireland.

Victor W. Turner

William R. Kenan Professor of Anthropology and Religion

Symbolic anthropology, communitas, liminality, pilgrimage; Ritual process, social drama, performative anthropology; Anti-structure, contradiction/ reversal; Zambia/ Africa

Roy Wagner


Indigenous conceptual systems, especially involving kin relations; ritual, myth and worldview in Melanesia, Australia, and North America; pragmatics of cultural representation (imagery, writing, and speech) as a basis for symbolism; shamanism and curing techniques exclusive of psychological, political, or "ethnic" perspectives; studies involving the human element in technology and power concepts.

Edward H. Winter

Professor, Emeritus

British Social Anthropology; Reading Malinowski, Radcliffe-Brown, Evans-Pritchard, and Meyer Fortes; witchcraft, sorcery, and social context; Africa.

Virginia Young

Lecturer, Emerita

Plural societies, biculturalism, Southeast Asian Chinese, Caribbean, Asian America, history of anthropology.