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Linguistics Faculty

Eve Danziger

Professor and Chair; Affiliated Faculty: Linguistics Program; Cognitive Science Program

Linguistic relativity; spatial language and spatial cognition, cross-cultural philosophies of mind, conversational gesture.  Mayan linguistics; morpho-syntactic expression of verb argument structure, linguistic prehistory; social organization and social identity.  

Brooks Hall, 200


Lise Dobrin

Associate Professor & Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics

Structural linguistics, Melanesian language and culture, history of anthropology, language shift, language documentation and description.

Brooks Hall, 202


Daniel Lefkowitz

Associate Professor

Language and culture; language and identity; language and emotion; sociolinguistics; lntonation, prosody, and voice quality; discourse analysis; language and media; film studies; semiotics; semitic languages (Hebrew); peoples and cultures of the Middle East; Israel.

Brooks Hall, 203


Mark Sicoli

Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions

Embodied Interaction, Video Analysis, Semiotics, Ethnography, Language in Human Evolution and Prehistory, Language Contact, Documentary Linguistics, Indigenous languages of the Americas: Zapotec, Chatino, Chinantec (Mexico), Na-Dene (U.S.A and Canada)

Brooks Hall, 307