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Anthropologists in Other Departments

Roberto Armengol

Media Lab Producer

Political economy; gift exchange and alternative economies; globalization and development; socialism and postsocialism; language, semiotics, and the media; visual anthropology; science and technology studies; public anthropology. Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin American and the United States.



Nomi Dave

Assistant Professor, Critical & Comparative Studies, McIntire Deparment of Music

Ethnomusicology, politics and aesthetics, human rights; West Africa


Tessa Farmer

GSMS Track Director, Assistant Professor, Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Language and Cultures, and Global Studies

Water, Environment, Waste; Middle East


David Flood

Post-Doctoral Research, College of Arts and Sciences

Cultural ethics, politics of class difference; contemporary US

Caren Freeman

International Student & Scholar Advisor; Director of Studies at Hereford Residential College

Contemporary Korea and China; gender, kinship, marriage, and divorce; diaspora and ethnic identity; transnational family formations; migrant labor; citizenship and illegal migration.


Adriana Greci Green

Curator of Indigenous Art of the Americas, Fralin Art Museum

North American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Ethnohistory, Material Culture Studies, Museum Anthropology.  Native American art histories, emphasis on Plains and Great Lakes arts, material culture and cultural performances; 18th, 19th and 20th c. American Indian histories; federal Indian policy; cultural and material expressions of sovereignty and treaties; representation of Native Americans in museums, popular culture and media; issues of collecting and repatriation; economic significance of women’s work; indigenous aesthetic systems, epistemologies and materialities.  http://indigenousarts.as.virginia.edu/

Jerome Handler

Senior Scholar, Virginia Humanities

Caribbean and West African societies and cultures; African American social and cultural history; early African diaspora in the New World and slavery; Atlantic slave trade; peasant and plantation communities in the Caribbean; historical anthropology and the use of documentary sources; historical archaeology with particular reference to the Africa Diaspora; West Indian historical bibliography.

Diane M. Hoffman

Associate Professor, Curry School of Education

Anthropology of education, self/identity, cultural psychology; East Asia.

Peter E. Hook

Professor Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences

Languages of N. India and Pakistan; linguistic typology; Asian poetry and poetics.

Michelle Kisliuk

Associate Professor, McIntire Department of Music

Performance, ethnographic writing, field research, Central Africa, American folklore, ethnomusicology.

Catarina Krizancic

Coordinator for Independent Projects and Associate Director for Program Design, International Studies Office

Polynesia; 2009 University of Chicago Ph.D. 'Tahiti Royale: Divine Kings Disguised As A Rising French Colonial Elite.'

Noel Lobley

Assistant Professor, Critical & Comparative Studies, McIntire Deparment of Music

Ethnomusicology, sound curation, sound studies, popular music studies, material anthropology, anthropology of sound, sonic art, museum ethnography; Sub-Saharan Africa, especially South Africa and Central Africa


Ekaterina V. Makarova

Lecturer, Department of Sociology

Sociology and anthropology of socialist societies, post-socialist transition, Central Asia, Islam and socialism, urban anthropology/sociology.

R. Lawrence Merkel

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatric Medicine

Psychiatric anthropology, medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Rachel Most

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs and Professor

Lithic analysis, quantitative methods, Southwest archaeology, North American archaeology, prehistoric economic systems, foraging societies; Southwest US