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Adria LaViolette

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D. Washington University 1987

Brooks Hall, 309


I am an anthropological archaeologist with active research in eastern Africa, and a particular interest in indigenous medium-range and large-scale societies over the last two millennia. My early research in West Africa focused on the ethnoarchaeological study of craft production in Jenne, Mali, with implications for early Iron Age urbanism in the Inland Niger Delta. Since 1987 I have been conducting research along the East African coast, in several coastal regions on the Tanzanian mainland and on the offshore islands of Pemba and Zanzibar (Unguja), on interconnected topics related to the archaeology of the Swahili from the 7th-15th centuries CE: emergent urban landscapes, household organization, craft production, the practice of Islam and other Swahili spiritualities, and political economy including the interface of local, regional, and long-distance trade and exchange.  I am working on a monograph (w/ Jeff Fleisher) on four settlements in northern Pemba spanning the emergence of Swahili village and later urban/rural polities.  I am currently co-directing (w/ Neil Norman) a project on Zanzibar concerning Swahili/Portuguese interactions in the countryside during the early colonial period.  I am also working (w/ Hayden Bassett, Rhiannon Stephens, and Abdallah Ali) on two heritage management projects on Pemba and Zanzibar related to archaeological sites.  I have made the integration of village-dwellers and non-elite coastal peoples into Swahili historiography a research priority.  


Introduction to Archaeology, Archaeology of Africa, Ancient African Cities and States, Archaeology of Europe, Archaeology of Colonial Expansions, Archaeology of Identity, Household Archaeology


Archaeology; African Iron Age; Swahili archaeology and history; urban/rural landscapes; urban/rural landscapes; household archaeology; political economy; craft production and exchange; archaeology of Islam.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming - Town and Country: A Regional Study of Swahili Village and Urban Households on Pemba Island, Tanzania, AD 800-1600. Adria LaViolette and Jeffrey B. Fleisher.

2018 - Developments in Rural Life on the Eastern African Coast, a.d. 700-1500. Journal of Field Archaeology 43(5): 380-398. DOI: 10.1080/00934690.2018.1489661 (with J. Fleisher).

2018 - The Swahili World. London: Routledge (ed. S. Wynne-Jones and A. LaViolette
2015 - When Did the Swahili become Maritime? Jeffrey Fleisher, Paul Lane, Adria LaViolette, Annalisa Christie, Mark Horton, Edward Pollard, Erendira Quintana Morales, Thomas Vernet, and  Stephanie Wynne-Jones. American Anthropologist 117(1): 100-115.    

2013 - The Early Swahili Trade Village of Tumbe, Pemba Island, Tanzania, AD 600-950. Antiquity 87 (338): 1151-1168. (With J. Fleisher).

2013 - The Swahili World. Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology. Oxford University Press (Ch.62) 901-914 (Ed. P.Mitchell and P. Lane)

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1990 - Iron Age Settlement around Mkiu, South-eastern Tanzania. Azania 25:19-26. (With W. B. Fawcett).

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