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David Flood


2017 Ph.D. University of Virginia
2012 MA University of Virginia
2004 BA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


My research looks at the contemporary U.S., focusing on an ongoing encounter between leftist activists (anarchist ‘punks’), who interact in long term relationships with socially and politically conservative rural working-class southerners. My long-term immersive ethnographic research focuses in particular on amateur musical performance—primarily classic country and Appalachian old-time—as a cultural space where people come together across profound lines of difference. I focus on the misunderstandings, conflicts, accommodations, and surprising agreements I saw between these different groups. In the deeply divided political, cultural, and social environment of the contemporary U.S., I explore new ways to theorize and understand the nature of these differences—particularly class differences—as they play out in everyday life, and to consider the broader political and policy implications of our current misunderstandings. My work draws on theories of music, meaning, and sound; class and culture; critical theories of race and whiteness; and on the anthropology of ethics as a way of outlining new approaches to everyday difference in the U.S. 


Class and Culture, Music, Left Social Movements, US South

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Ira Bashkow
Associate Professor
Frederick H. Damon
Eve Danziger
Professor and Chair; Affiliated Faculty: Linguistics Program; Cognitive Science Program
Lise Dobrin
Associate Professor & Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics
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Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Professor & Director of Global Development Studies Program
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Professor & Director of the Center on Critical Human Survival Issues
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David A. Harrison Professor of Archaeology
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Assistant Professor
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Margaret Smith
Director & Curator, The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection
Sylvia Tidey
Assistant Professor
Roy Wagner
Patricia Wattenmaker
Associate Professor
Kath Weston
Jarrett Zigon
William & Linda Porterfield Chair in Biomedical Ethics and Professor of Anthropology