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Johnathan Favini

B.A. Lafayette College 2014

PO BOX 400120

I am interested in culturally and politically attuned ways of thinking through landscape, ecology, and climate. I have a special interest in how people work to bring new, less destructive modes of relating to nonhuman life into being, even from deeply compromised positions. Lately my interests have centered on indigenous political movements and the fraught ways these movements reckon with certain ideologies about race and negotiate relationships with sympathetic, non-indigenous environmentalists.

Specifically, my dissertation centers on a number of emerging collaborations between conservationists and Jamaican Maroons, in the context of which the latter have amplified their enduring claims to Indigenous status in Jamaica. My work attunes us to the creative ways Jamaican conservationists and Maroons bring common features of global green politics (like nature conservation and indigenous politics) to bear on Jamaica’s post plantation circumstances, shifting those features in potentially radical ways. Especially my research seeks to complicate certain oppositions common to dominant ways of reckoning both human and nonhuman belonging – namely that between indigenous and diasporic peoples and that between native and invasive species – as settler-colonial, sociobiological imaginaries.


Environmental Anthropology, Conservation, Green Capitalism, Science and Technology Studies, Global Indigenous Politics, Political Ecology, Race, Diaspora.